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Our Range of Ceiling Fans

We have indoor, outdoor ceiling fans and coastal ceiling fans for all environments as well as a range of styles including modern, traditional, tropical, architectural and retro ceiling fans.

Ask yourself these Questions To Find The Right Ceiling Fan…

Where will the fan be installed? Indoors, outdoors, coastal or salt spray prone location

What size fan do I need?  Do you have limited space, have a small room such as a study, an average sized bedroom, a large living area, patio/alfresco area…

What functionality will I require? – Are you replacing an existing fan with a light or installing a new fan where a light is already installed?

How are you wanting to operate the fan? This could be by wall control, pull cord or remote control…

How energy conscious are you? Ceiling fans in general are energy efficient however there are extra features available to you to increase your energy saving such as selecting a fan with a DC motor or LED light kit.

What style are you after? – depending on your design requirements, you might like to select from our Modern, Traditional, Architectural, Retro or Tropical range. We also have a Basic selection for those wanting something simple for investment properties, rentals and the like.

We can help you answer these questions and more, contact us now!

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